As the greatest expanse of cool temperate rainforest in Australia, and the second largest in the world, the Tarkine delivers a very special experience.


The Tarkine

Firstly, we pay respect to the traditional and original owners of the Tarkine, the manegin, tarkiner, peternidic, noe.teller, pee.rapper people and the many other Tasmanian Aboriginal groups who called this place home… We pay respect to those that have passed before us and acknowledge today’s Tasmanian Aboriginal community who are the custodians of this land.

Unlike many places in the world the Tarkine remains as a hidden treasure and a forgotten wilderness. This expanse of uninterrupted 477,000 hectares of Tarkine wilderness holds ancient relics of both plants and animals dating back millennia, and unique habitats not found anywhere else.

The Tarkine speaks for itself and when you visit, whether experiencing many of the Tarkine forest walks, self guided drives, river cruises or the amazing natural sights you will know why it is becoming renowned as a high quality ecotourism destination.

Imagine forest camping or booking in to eco accommodation in the heart of ancient forests or on the banks of a remote river. If you have a passion to connect with science homework help nature, the Tarkine offers authentic adventure travel and sustainable tourism accommodation packages. Tarkine accommodation is available in and around Corinna, Waratah, Arthur River, Stanley, Smithton and Tullah.

Tarkine walks, Tarkine trails and forest adventures will enable you to absorb the power of this ancient landscape. Many professional guided experiences are offered, providing quality service and leading the way in “green Tarkine tourism”.